For NORA Businesses

Businesses in the NORA network can gain immediate access to leading Australian advisors & talent, matched with AI at the click of a button.

For NORA Advisors

Nora Advisors can setup a profile and run AI to immediately match their skillsets and experience to retail businesses needing support

We connect our network of retailers and advisors for a better world of work.

CONQR recommendations will guide you to your ideal match in a few, simple clicks.

How it works

Visualize, filter and sort any way you want

Fully customized to suit your terms, rates and skills.

Unlock top talent

Find experts fit for the job at hand from your internal or external networks.

A better world,
also means giving back.

Are you keen to give back? We also unlock the ability for NORA advisors to offer their skillset free of charge, immediately matching to NFP businesses

CONQR recommendations will match you in a few, simple clicks.

A new world of advisory now exists.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve rapidly, the NORA Network remains committed to fostering connections throughout the Australian retail ecosystem. The transition to The NORA Network has enabled a sharper focus on facilitating meaningful interactions between retailers of all sizes, solution partners, and industry bodies. This collaboration with Conqr represents a natural extension of NORA's vision to empower the retail community through innovative and transformative initiatives.